Miracle Austin 

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I am currently shaking in my hot pink cowgirl boots with sparkly, mini rhinestone cowbells and working on my first novel about an extra, extra special baby girl named, Jezabell Billie Joe Ray, born to Loola-Mae Ray.  Loola-Mae is a good ole' country gal, who possesses a big southern bell heart, but she's not too bright when it comes to Jezabell's unbelievable gifts.

Loola-Mae and her rattlebrained brother, Jethro Billy Ray, begin their rocky journey to find the only living Light Sensitive, who can explain Jezabell's unordinary surprises and protect her, before Darvona Night finds her. 

Darvona not only wants to seize and suck out Jezabell's gifts for herself, but also terminate Jezabell and whoever stands in her way.

Will Jezabell's soul be saved from Darvona's evil clutches, or will she be destroyed before her true fate can be determined?

Make a future date to find out...

Discover all these answers and more for yourself in this upcoming and new four-part novella.

*It will make you look over your shoulders more than once, cry, laugh, dance, and yell out Yee-Haw Y'all!*

"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen."  

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe