Miracle Austin 

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"Miracle, vivid imagery in this free verse. Truly a nightmare, as you circle the happenstance of one tragedy after another day in and day out. Well done. I can appreciate why this was nominated for poem of the month.   ~Jlsavell

"Extremely well done. There's a high price to poverty and it's an illusion that those who have worldly gifts are immune. I have seen in Rehab those with money, who are addicted and frequent places where their lives are in danger.  No one is untouchable.   ~Artemis


"Well written free-verse. How can anyone survive this place? Excellent description of a nightmarish place."  ~Margie


"I have just read your great creepy tale of the ghostly old car.  I like your style of writing, slightly like Kerouac's short stories."  ~Bob Jessamine

"Such an intense write. I loved it and thought it was amazing. You did this well, Miracle!! Tons of tension and lots of wonderful intrigue and mystery for a short write. I love it!"  ~Gungalo

"Very scary story and I think I would have listened to Mama Rose. Your story is creative and draws the reader in and keeps his/her attention. Good imagination and suspense. I would recommend to others."   ~Rita


"I love your use of repetition in this poem. Great use of high-impact verbs to add power to this. I love the choice of scary animals and the way you convert an atmosphere of tension and danger. What a great contrast with the miraculous ending."   ~Brooke Baldwin

"This quite literally sent shivers down my spine. The description is vivid and appropriate. Many of us feel this way at times. God is never far away, perhaps we should visit Him more often rather than call Him only when in trouble."  ~Kate

"Great association in this work. You caught the emotions that we all feel sometimes, when everything seems to go wrong and there is no way up out of that hole we have dug for ourselves. I like the reference, down is Hell, up is Heaven. Good work."   ~Cal Gandy

"Oh my, this sounds like a really horrid nightmare! Graphic imagery that really lets the reader feel the darker emotion of these events. Overall, this poem reflects your strong faith and awareness of what you believe to be, or will be. It was penned well and had me pondering your work for awhile, after the last line. Excellent write on your awareness of your strong faith in Jesus."    

~Maureen Napier, Author/Poet & Inspiration/ [email protected]

"You are so right, just when we think we are defeated, Jesus is on time to rescue us. The enemies are defeated completely. If God is for us, then who can be against us. Well written and good imagery."  ~Margie


"You have one active imagination, and I am continually surprised at the range of your writing. This creature seemed to encompass many different types of the abilities that we credit to those dark night beings that prey on us. Good work."   ~Cal Gandy

"This was such a creative post. I wasn't expecting it, which made it all the sweeter to enjoy. Well penned. I enjoyed your imagery and strength in this one."   ~Maureen Napier, Author/Poet & Inspiration/ [email protected]

"This is really a horror poem, my cup of tea. It's well written and absolutely scary. Fantastic description of the creature."   ~Margie

"Excellent alliteration, vivid descriptive detail that creates mood most effectively. Strong verb choices. This is wonderfully dark and the reveal of the speaker's identity is most dramatic."    ~Brooke Baldwin

"Great poem, Miracle, and so descriptive. You truly didn't miss a thing. What an incredible last line!!"  ~Artemis


"You have penned an excellent acrositc. Your word choices are stunning and the theme is so sad. I rarely use punctuation and would rather let the line breaks work for me. You have done a good job with that. Well done."   ~Cheyenne

"Wow! Very powerful. Splendid juxtaposition of frightening cold and hairy  tentacles under the innocent childhood bedspread. The last line tells us how this monster shattered her psyche."   ~Sharilynn La May, self-publishing author of upcoming book, "Taking Control."

"I love the dramatic detail of the opening line. You convey the terror of this child most compellingly. How tragic that this is a story that plays out in homes across the world each day."  ~Brooke Baldwin


"Wingless is an honest shift in perspective that illustrates the obstacles that make us acutely aware of the human condition. It's well-written and thought-provoking, which all quality writing should do."    ~Denise C. Powell, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Voices Project

"I was in awe of this magnificent writing. So much imagery that my mind was in overdrive. I thank you for sharing this wonderful work of poetic art."  ~Teresa

"Miracle what a powerful poem! The final two lines are perfect in my mind. You describe a caged bird perfectly, and a woman who has lost what makes her feminine, yet still does not surrender her soul. So well done."  ~Writingdimension

"This is amazing. Fine metaphor. Brilliant last words."    ~E.L. Ekey

"This is so very creatively penned and captured my attention all the way through. It has a haunting feel of melancholy and yet lived on as you penned. Wonderful wok an I enjoyed the read very much."   ~Maureen Napier, Author/Poet & Inspiration/ [email protected]


"Your poem reminded me of Baudelaire.  A grim picture painted by the words. 'Of sores, molds, and mud have erupted beauty and new things.' --Charles Baudelaire, loosely translated (The Flowers of Evil)."  ~Gianinas

"Vivid descriptive detail. Great lines like the final line of your first stanza. Good consonance and assonance. Good alliteration. What a powerful use of a listing. Emotionally charged and quite compelling."    ~Brooke Baldwin

"This really had me thinking. I can't imagine getting to the end of my life and leaving without amending to whatever I needed to. But more I guess I wonder how far off the path we can go, and how do we get back. This is a work that has me pondering a bit deeper within myself, so thanks for that. Well penned, my friend."   ~Maureen Napier, Author/Poet & Inspiration/ [email protected]

"I often think that Hell would be to endure harassment from all the people we've victimized. Having to see what they could have been had we not destroyed them. You describe beautifully that kind of Hell, Miracle. This is a very mesmerizing write, my talented friend." 



"Fantastic illustration and presentation of your poem. Powerful opening image. Excellent word choices that contribute to the dark tone. Strong simile of the anaconda. Great images. Wow, this packs a punch and more.  ~Brooke Baldwin

"You made me feel that he/she was my enemy also. Very good descriptive language. I enjoyed the read."  ~Acajudy


"Well, I couldn't stop reading this one. Now, what kind of mind comes up with that and where do you go shopping? Fantastic dialogue, perfect timing, and scene cuts work well. Your characters and setting are believable and visual. Little things like spilling her purse, dropping the wine, the make-up she puts on her wounded lip, and even finding more salad in the fridge, added realism. Dash was the only 'normal' one there. I was pulling for her all the way. Damn, this was a good read!"    ~E.L. Ekey

"Miracle, excuse my French, but this is one helluva scary story! You have quite the talent for writing horror, my friend. Amazing, too, given what a really sweet gal you are, LOL. The ending was pure genius. Wow!!"   ~Writingdimension

"Wow, outlandishly strange, but wonderful. What a horrible story! What great writing! I feel horrible for Stacie. I was hoping she'd get to shoot Jeremy. ..Hahaha."   ~Jessica Caudle


"This was indeed a troubling piece to read. You masterfully place readers inside the psyche of someone who's going through some serious illness issues. At first, I thought it was a bout with guilt, but now I'm not sure. An interesting poem."   ~Edward M. Baldwin,  author of "Learnt"

"Beautifully done, Miracle. Mental disease is so underrated. I wonder if any normal people would have the strength to face the days that abnormal people do."  ~Artemis

"Miracle, this is a very insightful and extremely powerful. You've gotten inside the head of a person who struggles with mental illness. Excellent writing, my friend."   ~Writingdimension

"You create atmosphere most effectively. Compelling visuals of a vulture carcass. Strong use of high intensity verbs."   ~Brooke Baldwin


"Gorgeous illustration and presentation of your poem. You establish mood effectively in that first line. Good alliteration. Strong verb choices add to the power and the intensity of emotion of your poem. What an emotionally-charged poem with power-packed closing!"     ~Brooke Baldwin

"This could be the beginning of a story or prologue to a book. Nice alliteration and excellent visuals. The sign of a good writer is when you throw in something unexpected that works. Fantastic metaphor. You varied the reader's thought processes and made me work a little...brain push-ups are good."     ~E.L. Ekey

"What a powerful poem, Miracle. You are really developing a clear voice, Miracle. I like that as it proves to me that you have confidence in your talents. Wow! Great poem, my dear friend."   ~Writingdimension

"What an interesting poem. Fantastic imagery. The writing is strong. The image of cement shoes is very powerful. A fascinating read, which I enjoyed very much."    ~Sally Carter

"The suffering was so powerful. Great imagery in this free-verse poem. You always amaze me."    ~Margie


"Yeow! This one is scary as hell. To be sitting on a branch and waiting....oh my! A good one, Miracle."     ~Gungalo

"Like alliteration. Strong use of high-impact verbs. These verbs bring the poem to life and contribute to the mood well. Love the details and the tone of this."    ~Brooke Baldwin

"This is a creepy poem. Well written and very scary."   ~Margie


"A dramatic, attention grabbing introduction. Good use of flashback and natural sounding dialogue. A gruesome story, paced well, and filled with horror."    ~Brooke Baldwin

"This is a good, fast moving story. Your composite of Ivory and Catalina was full and believable. The frantic mix of music and dancing at the nightclub was realistic, and the addition of Parker was logical. Good story with some great twists."    ~Cal Gandy

"I love the way you portray Catalina's nervousness. Her character is so clear. Ivory's character comes across well, flippant and carelessly reckless. Chilling moments and great timing with introducing you know what. Is this a beginning of a book? It's a fine start, if it is."   ~E.L. Ekey

"This is a very promising premise for a series, my friend. You certainly learned a lot from the past horror class we took about building suspense. This should appeal to the Tweeners and others who like the horror genre. You did good, my friend!"    ~Writingdimension

"Great job. I was trying to think what group this was aimed at. Usually adult horror is too much for me to read. So, because I could get through this one, I felt it was aimed at the late teens or those who found Twilight a great work to read."  

~Maureen Napier, Author/Poet & Inspiration/ [email protected]


"Good alliteration in empty expressions. The stanza about counting the shadows conveys the speaker's mood powerfully.  This is emotionally stunning."    ~Brooke Baldwin

"Your poem was powerful on its own. I lived many years feeling like the person in your poem, so I felt your words on a visceral level. Sometimes, I still retreat to that place because invisible is a place where no one can hurt you. You express the dark side of invisibility and the life-long feelings it can inspire. Very well done, my friend. A most thought-provoking poem."   ~Writingdimension

"A very lonely feel. The poem asking to be noticed, and yes you've accomplished that with great sincerity. You bring the reader into the poem. Awesome write."    ~Les


"Beautiful piece, especially about her learning to fly away. We must always be careful with what we have and see its real worth."   ~Artemis

"You let your muse loose on this poem, and it shows.  Some stunning images and perceptions."   ~Writingdimension

"Creative work here. Taking love for granted and even one step further, not truly understanding what love is…always leads to heartache.  This was a thought provoking piece, and had me pondering your message after the reading was done. Great job!"   ~Brooke Baldwin

"A beautiful sentiment.  I really like your emotional changes, happy expectations, to frantic searching, to begging for help, and then realization. Great job!"    ~Blueink


"Not a pleasant little ditty. You did it well and got the reader to feel the rage and disgust that was intended."   ~Gypsymoth   


"Krisper was excellent. I particularly loved: "Freshly burnt human…The creature opened its mouth, which resembled…" Bravo! That's such a visceral series of similes and really brings the tale to life. Great job!"       ~Melanie Faith  (Instructor/Author) 

“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”  

~Toni Morrison